Thursday, September 25, 2008

Marketing the Experience

Is it a pair of tickets to the symphony or is it a couple re-engaging with the music that was playing when they first met?

Is it a new computer or is it an ability to virtually connect with your grandchildren who live across the country?

Is it a ticket to a baseball game or is it your sons first time seeing the Green Monster?

Each of the above scenarios detail pure emotional experiences that consumers are engaging with everyday. Yet oftentimes, when we market our products, we are constantly selling the value prop, benefits, why it's better than the competition over the pure emotional connection this produce enables. Apple has done an A+ job of marketing the experience with iPod and continues to tap into that with their iPhone advertising.

Why not market the experience the product enables over the product itself? In the new world powered by digital media (TV, Web, Mobile), it's becomming increasingly difficult for Marketers to get our messages across. Extending your brands into relevant experiences that consumers are passionate about is a great way to drive relevance and engagement.